People we have helped


I can’t thank you enough, you are fucking awesome” – Janey Godley

“Thanks again for putting together such a highly professional team” – John Read, Clean Up Britain

“I have some really good creative companies that have done great work for me but the truth is that you are simply better” – Mark Gray

“Many thanks for many things: for yesterday’s meeting, which was both very enjoyable and informative. It would be difficult to say when a meeting has been as much fun as that was, and I love your whole approach to making things work, and find your outlook inspirational.”Nicholas Riddle

“I sat for a long time this morning flicking through this website of ours. It truly is something special. I would like to congratulate all of you on what you have created. It is way beyond anything I ever envisaged.

Please thank anyone else who was involved. The effort everyone put in is much appreciated.” – Mike Lillelund

“I was delighted to select Oi again for the implementation of another global rebrand. The team fully understood the requirements and with their brand new thinking, pushed the brand into an exciting and energetic space, allowing us to stand out from the crowd. The scale and pace of the rebrand was challenging but with Oi’s scalable model coupled with good project management I knew we were in very safe hands – it has been a huge success. – Steve Cornick, Intertrust Group

What an unexpected wonder 25DB are.

This team are a tour de force. They are a solution focused organisation, who’s capacity and capability are second to none.

Jonny has this amazing quality of being a visionary while allowing the client to lead him. His ‘can-do’ attitude is both comforting and inspirational. He is able to make things work in the most spectacular way. An absolute pleasure, always.

Andrew (Biscuit) is the glue to the team. He has a fantastic ability to track changes, keep teams accountable and yet apply pressure when absolutely necessary. An operational, project and management genius.

I have no words for Jason Nash.

Ian Pulfer. The design guru. The nights we spent on the phone, ensuring that the client was happy with the design was truly a pleasure. Most designers struggle with ‘lay peoples’ terminologies, yet Ian was able to hear “non-tech” terms and make sense of them, while talking in non-tech language. His designs are clear, clean and truly special.

25DB commitment to the charity while trusting my vision, was not an easy balance. The team provided such a safe pair of hands to hold, that even when there were challenges, Jonny and the team had a massive bank of solutions.

Guys, its been an absolute pleasure. Thank you for trusting my vision and believing in the outcome. You guys rock!” – Paul Boldeau, NAZ Project London


Jonny Welch is a rare breed, generous, intuitive and an eternal optimist. Working with him has never felt like work, I believe this is because the challenges we tackle together are an expression of his personal passions, beliefs and convictions. Mutual understanding is at the heart of successful collaboration and we share that.” – Luke Branch, Cool Thing Records