How We work

Fizz has been venturing into the world of NFTs and Blockchain and helping make history along the way with lots of high profile and relevant activity. Our experts will help you scope, debug, demystify and deliver. Our clients include well-known Footballers, The British Army, and the Fine Art establishment. For any enquiry, click here.


Victoria is a qualified headteacher and educator of 18 years. She left her career to run the first and biggest memecoin on the XRP Ledger (XRdoge) and has set up an NFT Music company (Musicia). She is regularly found at high-profile events in London educating people about Web3 and recently hosted a film premiere at BAFTA alongside Princess Beatrice and other dignitaries.

To relax Victoria enjoys listening to 90s music, driving her VW camper van along the Jersey coast and playing cards whilst drinking rum and coke but not while driving ( Obviously! )

Alex Malone

Alex is a blockchain project co-founder and academic who enjoys researching and learning – with a particular focus on people, music and how technology and human communication can improve issues in our world. On the other hand, he is also passionate about eating cereal and meeting dogs, so something for everyone sort of….

Fizz will help deconstruct and simplify Blockchain solutions so your business can thrive. We work with clients to incorporate Web 3.0 into their existing infrastructure and offer incredible, efficient and simple blockchain-based solutions that will help your business grow.

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We build partnerships with our clients

Husnu Yesirci

Chairman, Oceidon Corporation

“We are proud to be partnering with 360Fizz to bring some legendary NFTs to life.”

Listen to the 360Fizz / Oceidon Legends talk on Michael Owen’s upcoming NFT Project here

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