Fizz Family



An experienced marketeer, entrepreneur, and purveyor of mirth.

Loves Elbow, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, sunshine, great wine, laughter and interesting people.



Commonly referred to as ‘Biscuit’ – Andrew knows his way around computers, loves analytics, spicy food and a challenge.

Animals absolutely love him (Which is a bit weird).

Husnu Yesirci


Hus is a very clever man. Historically working in tech, developing large software projects with governments, well-known corporates and now Blockchain platforms.

Here’s to the future! For fun, he drinks single malt whisky, smokes great cigars and laughs a lot.


'Girl Thing'

Hayley is our ‘Girl Thing’ from Cool Thing Records, event producer extraordinaire, project manager and social media content manager.

A keen eye for detail, Hayley loves 60’s music, fashion, and décor and is happiest when problem-solving, planning & organising ( Which is great for us! )

Alex Campanella

Alex has been working in the web design and development space for the last ten years. He has road-mapped and delivered a range of solutions, from bespoke websites and technical implementations for SMBs and larger corporate clients, to custom intranets for more niche clientele on private islands.
Alex enjoys nothing more than creating clean, custom websites and solutions. He loves a technical challenge and never seems to be too far away from a leaking bottle of Japanese single malt.


Andy Delaney has made iconic music videos for everyone from George Michael to Biffy Clyro, Leftfield, the Spice Girls, Asylums and Maroon 5. His 2019 feature film, Love Is Blind, stars Chloe Sevigny, Matthew Broderick and Aidan Turner. He recently worked with ABBA, creating a series of mini-docs for their 2019 show at the O2. 

He’s had a Grammy Nomination and won 4 MTV awards including Best Video of the Year for Lauryn Hill’s ‘Doo -Wop’. For fun he walks the dog while listening to early Cabaret Voltaire and enjoys the fact it makes the world go weird !


'Cool Thing'

Luke Branch – The Frontman and Songwriter of the band ‘Asylums’, co-owner of ‘Cool Thing Records’ and lover of puns…

Luke offers his experience and knowledge of music, contracts, events, PRS, and much more…


'Another Cool Thing'

Bass player with ‘Asylums’, Co-Owner of ‘Cool Thing Records’, Songwriter in ‘BAIT’, legendary sausage eater and owner of ‘Razzo the Rocket Dog’…

Mike adds his considerable knowledge of algorithmic marketing, music, and general common sense.


Tim joins us to manage all things financial. A mathematical and logistical genius with a ‘Rock and Roll’ attitude (We think he looks like a roadie from the Grateful Dead) He loves smoking, open sea swimming and cats (But we did not tell you that).


Monty works with us on all things wordy, Crypto and fun. He has written for Forbes, The Telegraph, The Times, The Huffington Post, Wired, The Guardian, The Observer and The Independent. He has Interviewed Steve Wozniak, John McAfee and Kim Kardashian. He wrote and published his own book ‘The Dust Bowls of Maturity’, He is one of the founders of and has appeared in two Bollywood Films. To relax he follows his beloved Brentford FC and tinkers with the idea of buying another motorcycle…


Anabelle joins us as ‘The Queen Of Tik Tok’ already an influencer of some repute despite being just 18 years old. A huge appetite for fashion and lifestyle and she can write with her feet. How do you learn that?



Acacia Mei, AKA ‘Ace’, Our unorthodox, ambitious, academic entrepreneur. ‘Stoked’ by having written a critically acclaimed dissertation in 2018 predicting the NFT art boom.

Loves art and facts, for fun they enjoy great wine and cigars (who’d have thought?)


'Mr P'

The quiet giant of all things digital. A man of few words but when he does speak, it’s normally significant.

Give him a pizza and a game of football and he’ll be happy.